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Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

We are an interdisciplinary initiative at Queen’s University focused on combining Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Human Machine Interaction to create future intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life.

Image Analysis and AI for Structural Inspection

This research program is a multi-disciplinary partnership between the City of Kingston and Ingenuity Labs that will investigate robotic inspection technologies as an integral step towards turning the Kingston Third Crossing into a smart structure. The goal of this proposed research program is to begin development of a high resolution digital image analysis and artificial …

Off-Road Multi-Vehicle Autonomy for Challenging Outdoor Environments

This project is about studying and developing demonstrably practical methods and algorithms for reconnaissance activities using multiple robotic vehicles, with a particular focus on especially harsh and uncertain terrains (e.g., rocky, forested, unstructured, off-road) as well as on the problem of maintaining secrecy from potential intruders in such operations. The proposed research includes work on …

Smart Environments for Improved Patient Care in Acute and Non-Acute Healthcare Facilities

The goal of this project is to initiate research into a novel process for improved patient care in acute and non-acute healthcare facilities. The process is based on the deployment of a smart environment enable nurses and other healthcare professionals to more effectively and efficiently monitor in-patients at risk of harm from events such as falls. …