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Image Analysis and AI for Structural Inspection

This research program is a multi-disciplinary partnership between the City of Kingston and Ingenuity Labs that will investigate robotic inspection technologies as an integral step towards turning the Kingston Third Crossing into a smart structure.

The goal of this proposed research program is to begin development of a high resolution digital image analysis and artificial intelligence system to support real-time bridge inspection. The proposed systems will be partnered with advanced robotic systems developed in parallel. The digital image acquisition and analysis system will be paired with onboard machine vision analysis to identify anomalies, along with their location, for real-time artificial intelligence (AI) based screening and decision making or later analysis by engineers. The research project will take place in three phases: (i) literature survey, (ii) sensor and algorithm selection, and (iii) initial prototype development.

Project Researchers

Neil Hoult (PI), Brian Surgenor, Xiaodan Zhu

Project Partners

City of Kingston