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Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

We are an interdisciplinary initiative at Queen’s University focused on combining Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Human Machine Interaction to create future intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life.

Research @ Queen’s: Championing AI for social justice

Dr. Xiaodan Zhu from Ingenuity Labs is partnering with Dr. Samuel Dahan from the Queen’s Faculty of Law on an intelligent dispute resolution system that evens the playing field for self-represented litigants in employment, trademark, and personal injury disputes by offering them data-driven predictions, based on case law trends and negotiation data from thousands of …

Podcast: Teaching Language to Computers with Dr. Xiaodan Zhu

Ingenuity Labs researcher Dr. Xiaodan Zhu discusses how his research at the frontier of artificial intelligence is helping computers better understand language, with wide ranging applications. This podcast was originally posted on the Research at Queen’s website: Teaching Language to Computers with Dr. Xiaodan Zhu

Podcast: Helping Robots Learn to Walk with Dr. Amy Wu

Ingenuity Labs researcher Dr. Amy Wu discusses her research interests that include mechatronics, human biomechanics, and wearable and assistive devices. One of Dr. Wu’s projects, Rando the Robot, is a low-cost bipedal walking robot with an open-source mindset, to expand accessibility to and involvement in walking robot education and research. This podcast was originally posted …

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Canadian AI Conference and the Computer and Robot Vision Conference

Our own Xiaodan Zhu is a Program Co-Chair of the 33rd Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence that will take place May 13 to 15, 2020. This conference is held jointly with the Computer and Robot Vision Conference and the event is being held remotely next week: These are Canada’s premier conferences in AI …

Meet Karen Rudie, Queen’s Engineering and Computing Professor

Karen Rudie is one of the Ingenuity Labs collaborative researchers. This video, originally featured in a news article from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The video is a great introduction to Karen and her work. Professor Rudie was also named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). That makes …

Chat with Student Researcher Jeremy Roy

Check out this video about Graduate Student Research Jeremy Roy and his work at Ingenuity Labs.

PODCAST: In Conversation with Dr. Joshua Marshall at Ingenuity Labs

Listen to Dr. Joshua Marshall, Director (Interim) of Ingenuity Labs, talk about how Ingenuity Labs came to be and what our goals are. Thanks to the Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science for putting together this podcast. PODCAST: In Conversation with Dr. Joshua Marshall at Ingenuity Labs

Virtual Reality Plant for Chemical Process Design

Virtual Reality (VR) has the ability to immerse users in a simulated environment and provide them with experiential learning opportunities. Most undergraduate Chemical Engineering students are required to design a chemical plant for their capstone design project without ever having visited or interacted with a full-scale processing plant. This project will design and develop an …

Gesture-Based Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Control

With smart and autonomous vehicles around the corner, significant advances are being made in integration of sensing, machine learning, and advanced control systems in vehicles. Modern vehicles currently contain 60-100 sensors on average, and this number is expected to rise to 200 sensors per car by 2020. These sensing technologies, however, are mostly aimed at …

Image Analysis and AI for Structural Inspection

This research program is a multi-disciplinary partnership between the City of Kingston and Ingenuity Labs that will investigate robotic inspection technologies as an integral step towards turning the Kingston Third Crossing into a smart structure. The goal of this proposed research program is to begin development of a high resolution digital image analysis and artificial …