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AI Debate – AI Work: Will AI take most of the existing jobs from humans?

October 13, 2022 2:30pm EST

AI is everywhere. It’s creating realistic images and art from text descriptions. It’s even starting to be used to help with some of the work that some lawyers typically do making access to justice easier for more people. AI is also being deployed in medical applications and in diagnosing human disease. News organizations are writing a lot about how work will be impacted by AI. In this debate, we will explore whether or not AI systems will replace most of the existing jobs that humans currently do.

Two participants will debate that AI systems will eventually take most of the existing jobs from humans while the other two participants will debate that AI systems will not be able to replace jobs that humans do. Each debater will be allotted 5 minutes for their opening statements followed by 20 minutes of rebuttals. The debate will close with a discussion and Q&A session from the audience.

We’ve given each panel member a side to argue in this debate even though their personal and employers’ positions on the debate question may be different. They’ll each have an opportunity to clarify their personal views on the debate question during the discussion at the end.

The debate will be moderated by Amber Mac and will feature Dr. Parinaz Sobhani (Georgian), Dr. Sedef Akinli Kocak (Vector Institute), Dr. Ceren Kolsarici (Smith School of Business and Ingenuity Labs), and Dr. Christian Muise (Queen’s School of Computing and Ingenuity Labs).

Debate Panel

Dr. Parinaz Sobhani the Head of Applied Research at Georgian, a fintech company focused on investing in high-growth technology companies. Her expertise lies in translating business problems into practical machine learning solutions and successfully implementing them. In recent years, she has focused on strategic leadership in machine learning and responsible development of ML systems.

Dr. Sedef Akinli Kocak is the Director of Professional Development with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Her research interest focuses on information technologies and environmental sustainability, sustainability of software systems especially in the area of sustainability in requirements engineering and software qualities and decision making in green software development.

Dr. Ceren Kolsarici is an Associate Professor, Ian R. Friendly Fellow, Scotiabank Scholar and is the Director of Scotiabank Center for Customer Analytics at the Smith School of Business. Dr. Kolsarici specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and analytics applications on domains including advertising, mobile and digital marketing, diffusion of new products, pharmaceuticals and financial sector.

Dr. Christian Muise is an Assistant Professor with the Queen’s School of Computing. His research focuses on techniques for planning under uncertainly, and using planning techniques as a computation core for a range of applications and sub-fields. Recently, his research has focused on the acquisition of action theories; either manually specified or induced in a data-driven fashion. He is also actively exploring methods to combine reasoning and learning for creating complex multi-turn goal-oriented dialogue systems.